Since 1979 Scientech Electronics is specialized in the design and manufacturing of wireless security/ home automation products and personal emergency response systems under the brand name of LifeSOS.

By integrating Internet communication and advanced control technologies, Scientech introduced the world's first low cost and high performance IP Based Wireless Home Management System LS-30 in 2005 to realize the dream of monitoring and controlling the home safety system anytime anywhere in the world by the users themselves.

With continuous R&D efforts and cloud technology development, Scientech announced LS-10 in 2013 and LS-20 in 2015 to complete the LifeSOS serial systems for the customers from basic to advanced requirements. Meanwhile Scientech cooperates with several third parties to provide cloud services and mobile Applications to all the customers worldwide.

If you are looking for quality and reliable products with excellent price and performance, LifeSOS series Wireless Home Management System will be your best choice.

ISO 9001 Certified

Mission & Technology: Peaceful and Convenient Life

IOT + Cloud Computation + Big Data Analysis + Mobile App.

Nowadays, we live in a fast changing world with great pressure,especially the young parents. They have to balance their work and the family life. Below are the things which bother them every day:

1, When do the children return home and what are they doing at home?

2, How is the daily life of the elderly parent who stays home alone in the countryside? Does he/she sleep well at night?

3, As for the grown-up children living and working far from home, how is their everyday living pattern?

4, Not sure if the stove was switched off after leaving home.

5, Any intruder breaks in while enjoying a long vacation?

6, Sleep not well due to working pressure and want to improve sleep quality.

All those things make them feel exhausted and frustrated.

Scientech wants to relieve these anxieties by adopting the modern IOT (Internet Of Things) and cloud technology. LifeSOS system collects all the activities and environmental data of a daily life at home then analyze them by using the big data technology. If there is any abnormal condition happens, Email, Push message or SMS will be sent to warn the users in real time. The users also can check the system and control the electric devices in their house from the PC, smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world to have a peaceful mind and convenient life anytime.